Saripay User Agreement / Terms of Services

First service introduced (in 2013) by Saripay was Onelink eLoad. This service unifies easyLoad/U-Top up of five major mobile operators (Mobilink,Telenor,Ufone,Warid and Zong) of Pakistan. Basically this service targets easyload retailers but normal mobile users can also get benefit from this.


Advantages of Onelink eLoad are

  • Only one mobile/SIM (your own personal mobile/SIM) for doing easyload
  • One unique way for generating easyload requests i.e. simple SMS to Saripay numbers.
    • No need to have 5 mobile set charged all the time
    • No need to remember 5 pins/retailer Ids/USSD codes.
  • No need to purchase individual easyloads for different operators
    • Easy load for all 5 major operators of Pakistan are available to you
    • Most retailers keep easyload for 2 or max. 3 operators due to either
    • limited investment or distribution officers (DO) of other operators do not cover their area.
    • Onelink eLoad balance is valid for doing easyload of any operator e.g. if you have Rs. 5000 as Onelink eLoad balance then it can be use to do easy load of any operator.
  • Your investment is not blocked in case of network or other problems in one or more operators.
  • No administration work for getting 5 easyload retailer SIM
  • Earn more out of your investment, retailers get Onelink eLoad at 2% for all mobile operators.
  • You will not refuse any client as long as you have enough Onelink eLoad balance.
  • In case of problem in easyload, Onelink eLoad operator will talk to the mobile operators' helpline so you do not have to waste your time and you can concentrate on your business.
  • Daily statistics report of your sale which can help your adjusting your investment
  • Monthly bonus (1-2 paisas/request) based on your easyload sale of selected operators. This compensate the SMS cost which is now a days nearly free (thanks for different SMS bundle offers).
  • Most times retailers do not know if their request for easyload was done successfully of or not and they hesitate to re-request as there are good chances that easyload will be done multiple times. With Onelink eLoad, we make sure that same requests made within 30 minutes are processed only once.
  • Computer software and mobile application for doing easyload are also available which makes the easyload process much faster.

Getting Started:

So if you are an easyload retailer or wants to start easyload business then Onelink eLoad is ideal solution for you. Even if you are not retailer but wants to become a Onelink eLoad member so that you can do easyload to yourself or your friends/family members then WE can help you. Difference between a retailer and member is just the percentage on with you will receive Onelink eLoad. Saripay is registering retailers in very limited area of Islamabad and Azad Kashmir because we have to make sure that local Mobile Operators' franchises are willing to work with us. If you are interested then please contact us

Onelink eLoad Members:

A Onelink eLoad member can do easyload to his/her SIM and SIMs of his/her friends/family members 24 hours a days, 7days a week. You do not have to go to any easyload shop to do recharge your SIM. Benefits of Onelink eLoad members are

  • Your easyload/recharge on your finger tips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Protection of your and your family members' numbers, you use your Saripay ID to purchase Onelink eLoad.
  • Onelink eLaod balance can be used to recharge prepaid SIM of any operator.
  • Free callback service in case you have problem with your easyload request.
  • Although 0% profit on your investment but by referring others to become Saripay member you can earn Hundred thousands every year e.g. you can earn
    1. Rs 400 on each direct member you refer.And .20% every load for life
    2. Rs 100 on each member referred by member registered in step 1
    3. Rs 75 on each member referred by member registered in step 2
    4. Rs 50 on each member referred by member registered in step 3
    5. Rs 25 on each member referred by member registered in step 4
  • Registration fee is Only Rs. 2000/- annual (non-refundable)
  • By referring 5 friends you can earn Rs. 2000 and if each of your referrer does the same (i.e. refer 4 more members) then you can easily earn Rs 4357500. As one need to renew his registration every year, so you can earn Rs. 4357500 every year.
  • Rs.2 service charges are deducted on each check balance request from mobile free from website.

Onelink eLoad Retailers:

In order to become Onelink eLoad retailers one has to sell more than Rs. 15,000 monthly (i.e. Rs. 500 daily). If you can meet this requirement then you can become Onelink eLoad retailer. Along with all the benefits of a members, retailers can enjoy Different Saripay Plans according to your needs

  • Personal Account 1% profit with 50 paisas Retention on each easyload request 
  • Business Account 2% profit Extra on each deposit. Terms and conditions will be applied.
  • .20% profit Retention from every direct retailer easyload.

Saripay Admin Team

Loss and Profit.

1 - Note .  our all Retailers and Franchise,  business with us base of Loss and Profit.
2 - Note.  all airtime  investment and product investment base of loss and profit.


Thanks for showing your interest in Saripay web access.

After receiving the password your should be able to login to this web site using your registration number and password. Saripay strongly recommend that you change your password after first time login.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to try out Onelink eLoad without paying registration fee, is there any way?

WE can register your number for a Free Account Holder . And you can deposit some amount in your Onelink eLoad account to play with it e.g. recharging yourself or your friends, checking balance, checking status of a request etc. After satisfied period you wish to continue by paying your registration fee.And get profit unlimited

Can I recharge to a number which has been ported to some other network?

Yes, you can recharge any number.

My number is ported to a different network, can I register it?

Yes you can register ported number too.

I requested easyload but I get Authentication error, whats wrong?

Make sure that you are using correct PIN and message was send from the active number.

I am not getting SMS replies from the Onelink eLoad, what should I do?

Make sure that service on your mobile is working. Check if you can send an SMS to yourself, if that works then try sending SMS to a different Onelink eLoad number

What will happen if I make same request twice?

When Onelink eLoad received same requests (Same number and same amount) within 30 minutes then it only process one of them and ignore the other. This is also valid if you have sent the same request from your two different numbers (main number and web login) and on different onelink eLoad numbers.

Why I can not make an easyload request of more than Rs. 1000?

By default we have set the max. load limit to Rs. 1000 per request. This is for your own safety.

I am not able to send SMS, what should I do?

This has nothing to do with Onelink eLoad. It is problem with your mobile operator and please check with them.

Why is my account blocked?

Make sure that you have paid your registration fee. WE also block your account if wrong PIN is used 3 times (just to protect against misuse of your mobile set by someone else). If this is the case then please contact saripay helpline to get it unblocked. First two time WE will unblock without any charges but if this repeats then WE will charge you Rs. 50.

I have made a mistake and send a load to wrong number, what to do?

Call our helpline as soon as possible and provide them the detail about the load e.g. Onelink eLoad TID (Transaction ID) if you know or number on which you sent the load and amount. Our operator will contact the operator involved and try to get the load refunded. Please note that not all operators refund and couple of them do not refund full amount.

My phone and SIM has been stolen, is my Onelink eLoad account is protected?

In case your SIM has been stolen, please contact Onelink eLoad helpline as soon as possible so that we can block your account. Although your account has a PIN code ( 6 digit long) but there are chances that your mobile set save all the out going messages, if that is the case then your PIN code is not secure. WE recommend you to disable saving of out going SMS. This will make your PIN code a bit secure. We also recommend then you do change your PIN every day or once in few days.

I want to stop using onelink eLoad service, what to do?

Nothing, just use all of your balance , if any, and then your SIM will automatically be un-register after a month.

I have registered a new Saripay member but I did not get Rs 1200 profit?

WE only send Saripay Referrer profit once in a day, so you will receive your profit at the end of the day.

Which SMS bundle suites my requirements?

It depends how much requests you sent daily. Now a days each operator has daily/weekly/monthly SMS bundle. If you are not going to send more than 100 requests daily then its better to subscribe to a weekly bundle. In case of requests b/w 200 to 300, WE recommend monthly SMS bundles and if you send more than that then daily SMS bundle are for you.

Why easyload for a company is not available in my area?

There are two possible reasons for this. First, there might be a general problem in network of some mobile operator due to which WE has blocked that operator. In this case as soon as the service become available the easyload for that operator will become available. Second reason could be that Franchise of that operator in your area does not work with saripay and that is why saripay does not provide easyload of that operator in your area.

Isn't it illegal that onelink eLoad sell easyload in different area?

It would have been illegal if easyload of one franchise is sold in the area of some other franchise. WE makes sure that easyload purchased from a franchise is sold in only their area.

Why I am not getting daily/monthly bonus?

Daily/monthly bonus is only for retailers and is given only on the easyload of few selected operators e.g. currently daily bonus is calculated based on your daily/monthly easyload of Warid.

What will happen if I do not renew my Saripay membership?

Saripay members have to renew their membership every year in order to use the service. If they do not then their account will be block your retention . Blocked accounts will still receive membership referrer bonus but they can only use it one they renew their membership.

I became Saripay member on 20th Jun 2013, when can I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership after 19th Jun 2014. WE only allows you to renew your account within 30 days of its expiry period.

I became Saripay member on 20th Jun 2013, what will be my new expiry date if I renew my membership on 21st of jun 2014?

You new expiry date will be 20 Jun 2014. WE adds 1 year to your previous expiry date, which in this case was 20th of Jun 2013.

Security Statement

At Saripay, we only allow secure communication using SSL. The lock icon in your browser address bar indicates that you are in a secure section of the Saripay website. The Saripay secure site uses a 128-bit SSL Certificate. This ensures the confidentiality of your information, and is also used to help confirm that the server you are passing information to is Saripay server. If any other internet user intercepts the communication they will only be able to see it in an encrypted form.

Sarpay Pakistan Registration Trade Mark Number is 383170

FBR NTN Number of Saripay 2673222-0

Form Registration Number of Saripay RULE 9 (A) 2442


Telecommunications Authorities Registration Number

DIR(L)CVAS -581/PTA/2014

When you connect to Saripay web server, such as the, you ask that server to authenticate itself. This authentication is quite a complex process involving public keys, private keys and a digital certificate. The certificate tells you that an independent third party has agreed that the server belongs to the company it claims to belong to.

The Saripay uses secure socket layer (SSL) encryption. SSL security makes eavesdropping on secure web traffic almost impossible.

Saripay is using our own self signed SSL certificates. If your browser does not recognize our certificate then please download our certificate and install it as Trusted Root Certificate.

A session is only valid for a certain period of time after your last activity with the server. If no activity is detected in the set time frame (for example 2 minutes), then your session is logged off and the 'session cookie' (login token) is no longer valid. Once your session expires, you will have to log on again to authenticate yourself for another session.

All reasonable steps are taken by Saripay to protect a customer's personal information, in particular the personal details supplied by registered users. Saripay has used state-of-the-art encryption technology to secure the personal information of a website user.

All transactions receive an identification number that is proof of the transaction's acceptance into the tracking system. This identification number can be used to trace any transaction.

Saripay will never ask for your credit card number or bank account detail.

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