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  • Buy from Famous E-commerce Sites in Pakistan
  • Transfer Balances to Each Other
  • Buy Mobile Cards (Zong, Warid, Telenor, PTCL, Mobilink, Ufone)
  • Get STLI (Short Term Life Insurance) from Us.
  • Convert Pak Rupees into Other Currencies
  • Buy Gold from the Virtual Money
  • Buy Petrol using Virtual Money
  • Buy Diesel Using Virtual Money
  • Account cost Free
  • Free Monthly E-Statement
  • Free account balance Inquiry and Ledger details
  • 24 Hours Online Support


  • Start Selling your products through out Pakistan with virtual money
  • Accept Payments on Web.
  • Minimum Rate as compared to other countries
  • Very easy terms of Use
  • Easy To implement the payment in your website
  • Convert Virtual Money into Real Money in just 30 Minutes
  • Start Accepting Payments without having website
  • Secure Transactions with SSL
  • Account Cost Free
  • Free Monthly E-Statement
  • Free account balance Inquiry and Ledger details
  • 24 Hours Online Support

Easy to Integrate

Saripay model is easy to integerate in any e-commerce website. you just need to have an approved business account to start selling online.

Online Shop

Open your online shop to maximize revenew and sales from online business. Online shop is same like your physical shop.

Pure & Simple

Saripay is pure and simple model to work with. All the transactional charges are very clear and less as compared to others.


Documentations and developer guides are available on site. Other support options has also been provided for fast integeration.

Multi Plateform

Your integeration is plateform independent. wheater you are working with .Net technologies or working in PHP or any other language, you can integerate.

Developers Guide

An easy developer guide provide a major role to implement saripay on your website. our developer guides are easy to understand and implement.

About Us

Saripay is purely based in Pakistan. Which is trying to provide help in growing the business based on e-commerce. The simple model is easy to understand and trust.

Clients / Partners / Certificates Many big companies trust in our quality